Building on community 
to cr
eate resilience.

What is Oakville Ready?

The OakvilleReady pilot project, as funded by the Oakville Community Foundation, seeks to establish an Oakville neighbourhood extreme weather resiliency hub model using places of worship  as engagement and care anchors. Our goal is to create an Oakville resiliency hub network that engages diverse community stakeholders to increase their personal resiliency, community capacity and understanding around how we can work to support each other during extreme weather events.

OakvilleReady Objectives

Engage residents and diverse local stakeholders to participate in becoming more resilient to our changing climate, join the OakvilleReady working group, or sign on as a participating OakvilleReady Hub location.

Collaborate (Consult/Involve)
Work with existing local networks of community partners, interfaith stakeholders and municipal advisors to choose suitable hub sites. 
Form working groups at each hub site, where neighbours are engaged to design and develop “action plan” recommendations to serve their most vulnerable members.

Understand the Need
Conduct community-based asset mapping, highlighting vulnerable sectors and potential risks to ensure community needs are met.

Plan and Execute Empower
Participating Hub location participants will be educated and trained in how they keep their loved ones safe and respond to the public in emergency situations. When enacted these hub locations will be in direct communication with emergency personal at the town in order to provide accurate and timely information to the public.

Who we are

OakvilleReady is a collective initiative composed of team members from The Town of Oakville, Halton Environmental Network, Faith & the Common Good, local Faith Based Stakeholders, including our pilot OakvilleReady Hub locations: Church of the Incarnation, Kerr Street Mission, Knox Presbyterian Church, Maple Grove United, Shaarei-Beth El, St. Cuthbert Anglican Church and St. Paul’s United.


This project is generously funded by the Oakville Community Foundation

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