Strength and capacity through communities


As part of the community, faith congregations and community organizations share the responsibility to respond to emergencies caused by extreme weather. But such a call to action is also an opportunity to connect as direct link to the local communities and vulnerable populations. Community engagement strengthens the capacity of our entire community to respond to emergencies and enhance resiliency.

Why develop an emergency plan?

In any type of event, a plan is a guide for your organization to:

  1. Protect property
  2. Continue services
  3. Care for members and citizens
  4. Allow for self-sufficiency for at least 72 hours
  5. Communicate information

How can our organization get involved?
Becoming a HUB will be initially determined by local needs and commitment to the on-boarding process. OakvilleReady will be available to provide the relevant toolkit and assistance in coordinating your team and inspiring your members. We welcome all organizations to consider this a part of their mandate.

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